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  1. Review the "DxR Nursing" demo CD before using this Sample Case. (To receive a free demo CD, contact DxR Sales and Marketing at 1-866-599-1140.)
  2. Review the System Requirements
  3. Install the free Shockwave® Player from below. Please select the latest version of the Shockwave® plug-in.
  4. Click the Enter Sample Case button below.
  5. When the case title screen appears, click Begin. When prompted for an ID, either use the ID already provided in the field or type in 111-11-1111 to explore the program.

Installing the Latest Version of Shockwave® Player

If you do not have the latest Shockwave® Player on your computer (Mac® or Windows®):

  1. bookmark this page so you can easily return, or write down
  2. Download the free, Adobe® Shockwave® Player by following the link above.
  3. Follow the steps described on the site you will arrive at ( carefully. Note: Macintosh® users must install the FULL installation of the Shockwave® plugin. Download it here:

You may need to:

The setup program will download to the location on your computer where your browser sends downloads. If you don't know where it downloaded, use Find under the File menu (Macintosh®) or, use Find Files and Folders (Windows®) in the Start menu, select the C: drive, and search for the saved file. Search for "Shockwave Installer". You may need to change your browser's security options to allow the download. Use your browser's Help to find out how to do this.


This multimedia program is intended for use as a medical education tool and not as a basis for diagnosis or treatment in individual circumstances. DxR Development Group, the publishers and the authors assume no responsibility for any diagnosis or treatment undertaken on the basis of this program.

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